The Zwilling Professional S Knife Block Test, a product of the well-known kitchen utensils and knife manufacturer Gemini from the Blade Solingen, is an elegant, classic model made of bamboo wood. In our knife-block-test, we present a high-quality product for the kitchen a little more detailed and illuminate all strengthsContinue Reading

A knife must be effective: it must be sharp and do not drop when you need it. The ceramic knife is the assurance of having a kitchen knife always very well sharpened and slice without effort. As you can see, sharpening a ceramic knife is very important, it should not be doneContinue Reading

The first time I heard about it I thought it was a bit pretentious. At the time I only had a knife to do everything and I did not see the point of having more. Then my cousin finished high school, bought new knives and offered me some of theContinue Reading

For cookers, knives are always one of the most essential and versatile tools. With good knives which will help to preparing food quickly, beautifully and easier to cook.. Over the centuries, knife is made from metal material. But in the late 20th century, the Japanese began to release a newContinue Reading

Beef steak is a word which it is derived from French “bifteck /biftɛk/”. And it is a Western-origin dish with fearturing a piece of beef (filet) thinly sliced and flat. It often cuts cut perpendicular with muscle fibers and then baked, fried slightly, and combining with special spices such asContinue Reading

You are a jungle and like to explore challenges, learn the wonders of wildlife but to ensure safety and prevent emergencies. In addition to essential items such as survival blankets, sleeping bags, flashlights, etc., a knife is an indispensable item in the trip. It always ensures you are safe andContinue Reading

A kitchen is considered to be neat only if the items are arranged in right place, orderly and scientifically. Knives and scissors are kitchen tools that can cause danger to human life, so that you don’t underestimate them. After slicing vegetables, peeling fruits you need to store knives and scissorsContinue Reading

The knife set is a product to support the cookers, housewives. It makes cooking easier, saving you time, effort and money. Beside that, some people buy knife one buy one, and when they don’t use, they often put into drawers where could cause damage to knife because contact with manyContinue Reading