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The Best Commercial Juicer Reviews of 2022

Doug Stephen
  Aug 16, 2022 10:49 AM

Best commercial juicer reviews.Fruit juice is the start of the day. With the juicer you can get the right amount of vitamins and minerals. 


A freshly squeezed juice is the optimal start to the day. With a juicer, you can provide your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. All you need is a juicer and fresh fruit.

But with the variety of different types of devices and models, you can easily lose track.

In our juicer test reviews, we have reviewed customer reviews of the most popular juice machines. For the different types of juicers, our comparison provides detailed information and introduces the individual juicers and their features. So you will find the right juicer for every need and every wallet.

Thanks to our extensive online research, we have used offers, customer reviews, manufacturer information, and other online sources to give you the most comprehensive picture possible of the devices. We pay particular attention to quality and price/performance ratio of product and shop, so you have as long as possible joy with the product.

If you buy cheap, buy twice here too. It pays to invest a little more in the longevity and features of the offers. But in addition to our comparative winners, there are also some cheap electric juicers, which deliver quite acceptable results in juice production even for smaller prices.

Juicer Guides - Technology, Operation and more

Home fresh juice pressing is very much in vogue. And with the juicers presented here, the daily self-pressed juice becomes a child's play.

Here we show you in our guide what a good juicer needs and what you should pay attention to when buying.

You will find out on this page

  • which juicers are there and how they differ
  • How juicers are built and how to use them properly
  • How to choose the perfect juicer for you
  • what you can juice everything and what there is to pay attention

But before we explain all this to you in the further course, we have summarized here for you the most important tips for the purchase of a juicer.

The following features have also been used as criteria in our comparison and test reviews.

5 tips before buying

When buying a juicer you should pay attention to the following:

The juicer must have a powerful motor with high power to power the centrifuge.

The juicer must provide good stability and the centrifuge must be surrounded on the outside by a sturdy casing made of stainless steel or plastic.

A large hopper saves time and effort because fruits and vegetables are not cut. The juicer's pulp container must be very large to handle as many ingredients as possible at the same time. Therefore, the collection bin does not need to be cleaned continuously and cleaning is easier.

A good juicer for fruit can recognize by the state of grapefruit. If the tree is still dry, maximum fluid is removed from fruits and vegetables. Juicer is ideal for quick processing of hard fruits and vegetables.

Anti-slip feet ensure safe operation: To ensure perfect grip, stable anti-slip feet must be present, so as not to slip during operation.

The latest presses work a bit slower. This has nothing to do with the fact that they are powerful devices. Instead, it's about treating the fruits and vegetables very gently.

Through special processes, the maximum amount of juice is extracted from the product as much as possible. For example, a kilogram of carrots gives you almost a liter of carrot juice. The gentle process retains all flavors and pigments, antioxidants and vitamins, which can positively affect the taste of the juice created.

Out Top Picks


1-Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Matte Black


  • Top performance
  • Latest screening technology
  • Very fast cleaning
  • Modern design
  • Product Dimensions 7.1 x 8.8 x 16 inches
  • Item Weight 10.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 19.6 pounds
  • Manufacturer Hurom

The new Hurom H-AA Slow juicer once again sets standards in terms of quality and features.

View on Amazon

2-Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000P


  • Package Dimensions 17.5 x 14 x 10.1 inches
  • Item Weight 22.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 22.6 pounds 
  • Manufacturer Kuvings

A professional device from Kuvings offers everything you could want in a juicer. 

View on Amazon

3-Heaven Fresh Slow Masticating Juicer


  • Product Dimensions 10.6 x 15 x 7.9 inches
  • Item Weight 19.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 20 pounds
  • Manufacturer Heaven Fresh

Juicer presses instead of crushing, and maintains low temperatures. Advanced technology prevents oxidation to keep the juice fresh for up to 72 hours. This means that the juice maintains its pure color, natural flavors, vitamins, and nutrients.

View on Amazon

4-Philips Kitchen Appliances HR1897/34 Micro Masticating Juicer Avance Collection, Silver


  • Powerful engine
  • Quick-clean function
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Very good price
  • Product Dimensions 5.8 x 17.1 x 14.1 inches
  • Item Weight 11.65 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 11.65 pounds
  • Manufacturer Philips

With the Philips HR1897/34 super-fast results in juicing thanks to the powerful motor. Cheap budget solution with good quality

View on Amazon

5-Green Star Elite GSE-5000


  • Two powerful jumbo rolls
  • Bioceramics for better bioavailability
  • Big juice yield
  • Versatile
  • Product Dimensions 6.5 x 12 x 19 inches
  • Item Weight 28.8 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 29 pounds
  • Manufacturer Tribest

The Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer achieves a rich juice yield with a three-stage juicing process and is available

View on Amazon

6-Hurom H-AI-SBB20 H-AI, Platinum Slow Juicer


  • Self feeder technology
  • Efficient pomace ejection
  • Excellent juice yield
  • Simply cleaning
  • Product Dimensions 6.3 x 11.7 x 17.1 inches
  • Item Weight 20.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 20.6 pounds
  • Manufacturer Hurom

A model with outstanding self-feeder technology, in which the device pulls the ingredients into the juicer automatically.

A bit more expensive than Hurom classic, thanks to innovation.

View on Amazon

7-BioChef Atlas Whole Juicer Pro (2nd generation)


  • Gentle juicing
  • Extra-large filling opening
  • Powerful motor for soft and hard-pressed material
  • Lifetime warranty on the engine
  • Product Dimensions 6.3 x 8.7 x 18.1 inches
  • Item Weight 22.1 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 22.1 pounds 
  • Manufacturer Vitality 4 Life

The BioChef Atlas Whole Juicer Pro (second generation) works extremely powerful and nutrient-sparing. For the convincing quality a good price.

View on Amazon

8-AMZCHEF Slow Juicer Juicer


  • All vital substances are retained
  • Made of high-quality Tritan
  • Easy operation
  • With reverse gear
  • Product Dimensions 14.6 x 7.3 x 11.4 inches
  • Item Weight 10.4 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 10.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer ZG Kitchenware

The AMZCHEF Slow Juicer Juicer enables the production of juice containing vital substances at a very low price

View on Amazon

9-Aobosi Compact Slow Juicer


  • Nutrients are retained in the juice
  • High juice yield
  • With return function
  • Two filling openings
  • Package Dimensions 16.3 x 14.3 x 7.5 inches
  • Item Weight 10.45 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 10.45 pounds
  • Manufacturer SIBAKE

The Aobosi compact slow juicer juicer baffles with slow speed at the same low price.

View on Amazon

10-Juicer Machine, Aicok Juice Extractor



  • Two speed levels
  • Large filling opening
  • Easy cleaning
  • Product Dimensions 13 x 9.2 x 16.5 inches
  • Item Weight 9.7 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 9.7 pounds 
  • Manufacturer AICOK

The Aicok juicer offers an affordable price of just and is therefore an option for beginners.

View on Amazon

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So you find the best electric juicer

Finding the right model for you is not that easy. We have tried with our comparison table to determine the juicers with the best price/performance ratio for different applications.

Considered in our note, we have the following characteristics:

  • Simplicity in operation
  • Scope of features
  • Taste of the juice
  • Price/performance okay?
  • How did the reviews of the customers turn out?

However, many individual factors determine which gentle juicer suits best. We would now like to briefly explain to you what this can still be.

Which model is best?

It depends on how big the household is or how often the usually vertical juicers should be used. If a baby is in the house, then you should buy a juicer with which also a Babybrei can be made. For some devices, up to 5 liters of juice can be produced per run.

If you only want to enjoy one or two glasses from time to time, a simple juicer for fruit without many functions is enough: These juicers are cheaper, but still have good quality. They have a smaller hopper and are very compact. Many models have a visually appealing design so that they can be installed decoratively in the kitchen even when not in use.

Even if you only want to juice once a week, it does not have to be the best juicer. The important thing is that the juicer is easy to assemble, it is powerful and energy-efficient. The price also plays an important role. Therefore, in our test reviews, we also give a rating in terms of the price / performance of the offers.

In our comparative report, we focus primarily on electric juicers with cutting unit or press screw technology. These models are ideal for home users and offer a good yield with maximum nutrient content.

High-quality Slow Juicer offers a lot of comforts

The high-quality juicers have large filler necks. Oranges, pears or apples do not need to be quartered or peeled.

With almost all high-quality models, the most varied fruits and fruits can be processed. However, if one attaches particular importance to the processing of harder fruits such as the apple, then a juicer with a press shaft can be better suited

Well-known juicer manufacturer

There are many different juicer manufacturers on the market. The juicers come from well-known manufacturers of electrical appliances such as Bosch, Philips, WMF, Severin, Brown, Kenwood, Gastroback, Russell Hobbs, Rommelsbacher, Kitchenaid or Moulinex to specialized brands for Slow Juicer like Hurom, Kuvings, Angel Juicer or even seedling with the Green Star

Where can I buy a juicer?

Juicers are best bought in online shops. There are the largest brand variety and selection and the prices are often cheaper than in household goods shops. You get the juicer conveniently sent home online and also usually have a better return policy.

We took the trouble out of searching for a good shop for a long time. You can just use our recommended shops and be sure to find high-quality juicers at very competitive prices and excellent service.

What do the juicers cost

This is really different. Cheap juicers are available from just  $ 50, but high-quality appliances can easily cost more than $ 500. It all depends on what the model has to offer.

We have found

It's like so much in life, who buys cheap, buys twice. A juicer with press screw must be able to muster incredible power to easily process even harder fruits and vegetables. If you want to enjoy your juicer for a long time, you should invest in quality.

Functions in the test

Many juicers are not only pure electric juicers but in addition to juice extraction also pureeing and mincing, noodle and baby food preparation, cereal grinding and much more. If you have these functions, they are multifunctional. Above all, the requirement for functionality determines whether one decides on a multi-juicer.

For larger juicers, pomace is separated from the juice, so it can be disposed of quickly. Since many containers for pomace are also very large, it does not have to be emptied after each fruit so that it can be pressed further. This saves a lot of work and, above all, time.

Centrifuge juicer or Slow Juicer

In our comparison, the centrifuge juicers and slow juicers have proven to be the most popular types of juicers. We distinguish these kitchen appliances as follows:

Centrifugal extractor with high-speed motor

A fast centrifuge juicer can work continuously for a few hours without any problems. He is especially popular in the gastronomy. Smoothies and freshly squeezed juices can be produced in a very short time. A high engine revolution (depending on the selected speed levels) sucks the air into the centrifugal juicer, causing the engine to cool slightly. This causes no overheating.

  • The amount of juice here is the largest, but this is a synonymous cost of quality.
  • The power consumption is also higher with 700 watts than with Slow Juicers.

Like many professional kitchen appliances, their use is reserved for the catering industry and rather unsuitable for household use in their own kitchen.

Slow juicer

The prices of high-quality centrifugal juicers for gastronomy are around 150 to 500 dollars. These juicers have one major disadvantage: the high number of revolutions. Due to the increased number of revolutions, a lot of oxygen is pumped into the juice during juicing. This leads to the damage of some enzymes and vitamins and to oxidation, as the SRF reports.

The solution

Many nutrition experts, therefore, recommend juicers with gentle principles that do not rely on a centrifugal force. They rather recommend a juicer with a press shaft. Devices known brands with this property are also called Slow Juicer and have thanks to their slow squeezing system (SSS technology) at a significantly lower speed.

Similar to citrus juicers, the pulp is pressed rather than mixed. This is beneficial for health and juice. Because the vitamins are spared and all-important enzymes remain. Even hard fruits like the apple or even green food like herbs or even roots are processed without any problems. The juice yield is very high.

Slow Juicer can only work for about 30 minutes depending on the power. After that, this type of juicer should be cooled down for a moment. However, this period is quite sufficient for private use to prepare enough juice for the whole family. The different speed levels of some juicers also allow you to customize the preparation.

Which other juice devices are there?

Steam Juicer

There are also steam extractors. The technique of steaming differs significantly from the technique of juicer or juicer known citrus presses since it works with heat.

This form of juicing is therefore particularly suitable for mason jars and cooked fruit. This can also be juiced a large amount of fruit.

However, steam extractors are more suitable for canning to preserve fruits and vegetables and hardly for the juice. For the use of fruits and vegetables, you should therefore rather decide against electric steam juicers.


A citrus press is the simplest method, but the only manual Entsafter technik for the quick vitamin kick. In comparison to the juicer, however, the focus here is on citrus fruits. These are usually halved and then squeezed out by pressure on a rotating press base. There is the manual citrus press and the electric citrus press.

If you only want to squeeze a fresh orange juice for breakfast, then a citrus press can also be quite sufficient. Due to the limited function, the prices for these juicers are significantly lower. Popular juicers are available from almost every kitchen appliance brand, including Philips, Bosch, Kenwood, WMF, Gastroback, Russel Hobbs and Severin.

Juicer or blender?

If you prefer pure juice in which vitamins are still preserved, then grab the juicer. If you want a tasty pulp smoothie and many other ingredients, then Smoothie Mixer is better for you (you'll find all mixer information at the top of the menu). With the Smoothie Maker, the green smoothie succeeds perfectly.


Who mixes, works with a juicer, which brings high performance with it. The more revolutions per minute, the worse for the juice. The heat that develops during mixing destroys important vitamins and nutrients.

Even a juicer often does this when it involves high revolutions per minute. But since there are already juicers with just a few revolutions per minute, such as the Hurom Slow Juicer 2nd Generation, you can get the nutrients in the juice and really do you something good. If it's juice, it should be good for your health.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Are there juicers without cleaning?

No, every juicer should be cleaned after use. The fruit and vegetable remain that stick in and on the juicer stick otherwise and are then difficult to remove.

But which juicer is easy to clean?

If you do not want to go to a lot of trouble, you should see that you can put most of the juicer parts in the dishwasher. You can see this in the manufacturer descriptions and our individual reports. It is best to clean it directly after use. So the pulp does not harden and no residues remain.

A good juicer can be used at any time. But after each use, it should be cleaned. The collection containers are emptied and can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a small amount of detergent. Many of the higher-priced models feature high-quality materials such as stainless steel and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This also applies to all removable parts.

Cleaning instructions

If the juicer is not cleaned immediately after use, the cleaning process often takes longer, as the fruit threads and remnants are difficult to remove from the corners of the appliance once they have dried. The disassembly and assembly of a juicer often do not take much time. In the operating instructions, all individual work steps can be read exactly.

Even though centrifugal juicers are generally very easy to clean, the sensitive part of the device must be cleaned with particular care. This includes above all the stainless steel screen basket. Here are the remains of the freshly squeezed juices. Many manufacturers provide a basket brush with which the coarse fruit pieces can be easily removed.

Under running water, delicate parts can be easily cleaned. It should be ensured that the screen basket should always be touched only at the top. Otherwise, the fine sharp blades could leave unpleasant cuts on the fingers.

Who has a dishwasher with a wash for sensitive plastic parts, who can wash all the individual parts in it? The most effective method is always to clean the strainer basket with the included plastic brush to remove the last of the pulp residue.

Mostly maintenance is not mandatory. Regular cleaning of these kitchen appliances ensures that you can use your juicer for many years without any problems in the home.

In general, most current juicers are very easy to clean. However, a look at the respective individual tests helps to discover special advantages and disadvantages with regard to maintenance and cleaning.

Are there juicers without pomace?

No, not usually. After all, there are always residues. Without pomace and pomace ejection, that would be more comparable to a smoothie maker or the blender, where vegetables and fruits are already peeled and cut, with cores and Co. being removed. Thus one would not have any leftovers.

However, juicers are used to squeeze out, which is why there is always a residue left over. Pulp, seeds, and peels are left over, which is good because at least it would be bad to eat this. So just speak with pomace, a juicer works properly.

Structure & function


The strainer basket is one of the most important components in the juicer. Depending on the model, it is referred to by the manufacturer as a sieve basket, sieve or sieve filter. What is meant is a part, which usually has the shape of a cone whose tip was cut off. At the small conical surface, there is a grater. This grater is usually very robust and has numerous small razor-sharp blades. With them, the fruit or vegetables are minced.

Therefore, the sieve should be touched only on the edge. The sharper the sieve, the faster and more thoroughly the ingredient is processed. Most manufacturers make the strainer basket made of stainless steel, so it is even more stable and durable.

Juice container

The juice container is very important for every juicer. The sieve usually turns at a high speed. As a result, the juice is thrown through the lateral porous conical surfaces into a juice dish. From here it wanders through the integrated outflow directly into the stable juice container.

The sieves have extremely small holes. This ensures particularly effective separation of the pulp and juice. The juice container varies in size depending on the model.

In many juicers, the juice container holds 1.5 liters of juice. This is enough for the breakfast of a family. You can also depend on the offer and capacity to simply buy more juice containers as accessories.

Pulp container

When fruit or vegetables are crushed, there is always some waste. The pulp leftover from the juice is collected as if through a filter in a pomace container. With a good product, there is no juice left in this container. This is the best way to test the juicing performance of your own device. The drier the pomace, the more effective the juicer works.

A pomace container is usually mounted on the side of an engine block. From here it can best be reached and evacuated. The juicer does not have to be disassembled separately. A big pomace container has the advantage that it does not have to be emptied with every juicer. Especially in the catering trade or with larger families who simply make a lot of juice, this is often the case in summer. Many pomace containers are made of plastic and can be cleaned with running water.

Foam stripper

Often a juicer has a foam scraper. In addition, there is usually a division (in millimeters) on the outer surface. The foam scraper is removable on many models. It is important that the foam scraper fits exactly into the juicer.

The container and the drain tap must be tightly assembled so that no juice can run out and the foam is separated as if by a filter.

If the juice often runs by and gets into the engine block, then a short circuit can be caused. Many users also like to juice directly into their juice glass. For some devices special essays are available. They are attached to the faucet so that the juice flows directly into the glass.


In each juicer lid, a funnel with different versions of the filling opening can be found. A large filling hole is always an advantage. In this case, the fruits or vegetables do not have to be cut small. Sometimes they do not even need to be peeled. Many manufacturers stand out in particular by their larger hopper positive.

However, a large filling hole should not be the sole criterion in the choice of juicer, but rather the existing technology and Funktionen. After all, some juicers can not only juice, but they can also purée or mince. With these multi juice presses, you can even prepare baby food or smoothies yourself. This can save a lot of money in the long run.

How healthy is juice really?

Freshly squeezed juice is very healthy, as long as you only process fruits and vegetables and do without sugar. Healthier than most juices from the supermarket, enriched with refined sugar and water. With the juicer, most vitamins and enzymes can be obtained. There is a wide selection of juicers and we at Saftland help you make the right choice for you.

A little warning should not be missed at this point:

The juicing technique gives you the opportunity to consume a large number of fruits and vegetables thanks to the liquid form quickly and easily. But fruit also contains fructose and fruit acids. You should, therefore, stick to the recommended daily allowance for fruits and vegetables. This varies depending on the study from 400 to 650g a day.

So you should not overdo it with juice consumption. So you do your body and your teeth, in the long run, a favor.

Final Thought

We hope our guide has been able to help you get the many ways to make delicious juices as easy as possible. We would be glad if we could simplify the entry into the world of the juicing a little and you find on our side the juicer suitable for you.

If you have further questions or would like to deepen one or the other, take a look at the FAQ, our juicer test reviews or our detailed guide articles. All this can be found directly under the comparison table.

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