Best Drip Coffee Maker

Coffee is a familiar drink and almost every day for some people, enjoying a delicious and aromatic coffee is definitely a fascinating and interesting pleasure. And if you are a coffee lover then surely own a coffee machine to enjoy every morning or relax when you want to rest and enjoy. As for brewing with coffee filter is still quite popular nowadays but it takes a lot of time to wait, coffee machines are getting cheaper and chosen by many families to make it more convenient to want. make coffee to drink.

What is a coffee maker?

Let’s first learn about what a coffee machine is, a coffee machine is a device designed and manufactured to make specialized coffee, used in many professional coffee shops, office or household, with a dedicated design for the ability to automatically grind, compress and brew coffee quickly, so users do not have to spend much time to heat water and wait for each drop of coffee from brewing traditional as brewing.

How to make a cup of coffee with a very simple coffee maker, just add roasted coffee beans to the machine, pure water on the tray, the machine will automatically perform the predefined operations and produce 1 cup Delicious coffee, can mix 1 cup of Espresso or 1 cup of aromatic Cappuccino to enjoy.

What types of coffee makers are there?

There are many different types of coffee makers on the market, so you should carefully research this before deciding to buy a coffee machine yourself.

On the market today there will be 5 types of coffee makers

Automatic coffee machine – The machine works fully automatically, you just need to put coffee beans on the machine and press the predefined button and less than 10 minutes to have a delicious coffee cup.

Semi-automatic coffee machine – The mechanism of operation of the machine is a bit more complicated than that of the automatic machine, the machine uses powdered coffee for putting on specially designed handles then installed in the machine, time for a The coffee cup will take a few minutes, depending on the type of machine, large capacity for efficient coffee making business at the bar.

Capsule coffee machine – Fully automatic operation for coffee bean type, high speed brewing time, after pressing the button, the user will have a cup of hot, delicious coffee, effective brewing. Original taste of coffee, suitable for use in offices or public places.

Drip coffee maker – The process works like a traditional coffee maker, put coffee in a jar, filtered water into a kettle, water will automatically flow to the filter, coffee drip will remain unchanged taste like a traditional cup of coffee. This will be suitable for those who love the taste of traditional coffee
Manual coffee machine – Is a manual coffee machine with a compact design that costs from 200 to 500k.

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