Best Professional Range Hoods 2022 And Buying Guide

Best professional range hoods are a crucial but sometimes overlooked device in any kitchen. In addition to their practical use, range hoods may be attractive design features in your kitchen.


Range hoods are a crucial but sometimes overlooked device in any kitchen. In addition to their practical use, range hoods may be attractive design features in your kitchen. As cooks ourselves, we understand the significance of a stylish and functional range hood.  A high-quality range hood, one of the most crucial components of any kitchen, will be almost invisible.

Good ones will filter out any pollutants or undesirable aromas created throughout the cooking process, furthering its aim of helping to preserve the air quality and cleanliness of your kitchen. This is why it’s so important to get the right range hood for your stove. You’ll find some excellent options among our suggestions, and we’ll also provide some insight into what to look for in a high-quality range hood.

We have analyzed the best range hood brands and chosen the top 10 to help you narrow down your choice. Use the information in this article to determine which range hood manufacturers can satisfy your requirements. Every company on this list is known for making quality range hoods, and they all have many styles available.

Texmexicanfood has selected the best hoods now available to suggest for the year 2022.

Buying Guides

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cooking Ventilation Hood

Many different options for kitchen ventilation systems are now available. What follows is a breakdown of the key criteria you should use to reduce your search and make a final buying decision.

1.  Kitchen Dimensions and Layout

Because different kitchen designs call for different kinds of range hoods, it’s crucial to know which category yours fits into before shopping. A range hood that may be installed on the wall above the stove is the most convenient option. Keep to an under-cabinet or microwave range hood if you have one of these alternatives to an open chimney. Island range hoods (if ductwork can be installed in the ceiling) and downdraft range hoods are the only options for kitchens with islands (if you have to put ductwork on the floor).

For instance, the range hoods you may buy may be restricted by the size of your kitchen or your house. If you have a big kitchen and require plenty of airflows, a microwave or under-cabinet range hood isn’t a good choice.

2.  Ducted vs. Ductless

Ducted range hoods use a duct system to redirect the processed air from the range hood to another location, usually outdoors. According to the structure of your house, ductwork may be installed in the ceiling, the walls, or the floor. Also known as recirculation or ductless range hood, this kind of ventilation system recycles filtered air back into the kitchen. Depending on the model, a range hood may be ducted, ductless, or convertible between the two.

Your kitchen, house, or apartment may be better suited to a ducted system, which is often more efficient and powerful than a ductless system, but this choice is ultimately up to you.

3.  Cooking Method

You should consider more than just the size of your kitchen when shopping for a range hood. Consider the airflow in cubic feet per minute (CFM), the number of fan speeds, and the noise level as you make your choice. The cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating indicates the airflow rate. For more rapid exhaustion of cooking odors, increase the number. Fans should have at least two speeds (high and low) and a correspondingly wide range of noise levels.

A high CFM (at least three or more fan speeds) and a noise level you can bear for extended periods of time are desirable in a range hood if you want to be a professional chef and are coordinating heavy and intensive cooking on a regular basis. If you’re only going to use your stove once or twice a day, or even once a week, then you can get by with a lower CFM and fewer fan speeds (though you should still make sure you can tolerate the noise level of the fans).

4.  Various Other Characteristics

Other characteristics to think about while shopping for a range hood include exhaust timers, auto shut-off, different control panels, different filters, and different lighting configurations. There is no ideal set of characteristics, but some will likely prove more helpful to you than others. Filters, for instance, should be dishwasher-safe if you want to clean them in that manner. An automatic shut-off or exhaust timer is convenient if you wish to keep the fan running after cooking to eliminate any leftover scents. There are many different range hoods to choose from, so finding one that works for you shouldn’t be too difficult.

Range Hood Types

1.  Wall-Mounted Range Hoods

Wall-mounted range hoods may be put over cooking surfaces provided no cabinetry is in the way (if some do, take a look at under-cabinet range hoods instead). The unit is normally ducted, however, ductless variants are available. Wall-mounted range hoods are called chimney hoods because their design and ventilation system resembles a chimney.

2.  Under-cabinet hoods

Under-cabinet range hoods fit under cabinets. They’re ducted and ductless (in the case of the former, ductwork is typically routed through the closest wall or ceiling before reaching the exhaust vent). Under-cabinet range hoods are smaller and lighter than full-size models. These are perfect for kitchens with little cabinet space.

3.  Island Range Hoods

Ceiling-mounted island range hoods dangle directly over the cooking surface. The ductwork runs through the ceiling and has greater circulation rates to absorb all the air rising from the island into the room. Island range hoods are more costly and difficult to install than other types. They need higher ceilings for optimal clearance. A well-designed island range hood may be a fashionable focal point in your kitchen.

4. Downdraft Hoods

Downdraft range hoods are elegant and attractive since they’re commonly placed as pop-up vents. These divert smoke or air downward via a ducting system on your level. Downdraft range hoods lack power and are the least effective method to remove pollutants from your kitchen, including smoke.

5.  Microwave hoods

If your microwave is situated above your cooktop, it likely has a built-in range hood fan. This style of range hood is practical, cheaper than installing a separate hood, and space-efficient. A microwave range hood’s recirculating, ductless ventilation system vents filtered air back into your house. Popular microwave range hoods don’t filter air as well as ducted range hoods.

 How to Determine Which Range Hood Brand Is Best For You

1. Types of Range Hoods Available

You may require a range hood that fits an island, goes under a cabinet, or is ductless (recirculating). Some companies make more of a single kind than others, thus workmanship and quality are likely to be higher.

If you know what kind of range hood you need, seek a “specialist” brand.

Some businesses are more likely than others to provide recirculation kits or an equivalent, which convert ducting range hoods to ductless systems. Not all range hoods are convertible, and when they are, you must utilize parent company items. If you require this service or want a ductless system, check sure the company can handle it and replacement components, such as carbon filters, are simple to obtain.

2. Customer Service Quality (Installation Services, Warranty, etc.)

Some brands provide installation services or installation help. Installing a range hood may be a time-consuming and perplexing task, particularly for bigger systems like island range hoods or where convoluted ducting amplify the effort. The same goes for post-installation concerns. Even if you’re phoning from a smokey kitchen, a skilled and available customer care staff will reduce your tension and headaches.

Check a brand’s product warranties. Choose brands with full-coverage warranties. You may request a refund or replacement if your product fails or arrives damaged—sometimes for a single component, sometimes for the whole device. Brands with detailed and fair warranties show confidence in their goods, giving you peace of mind.

3.  Retail

If your chosen retailer doesn’t sell the brand of range hood you desire, know before you buy. Thanks to internet delivery, most buyers don’t care about this. If you want to try products in person, live someplace conventional delivery services can’t reach or prefer shopping in-store, consider this when picking a brand.

Replacement components and installation/repair services should also be considered.

FAQs best professional range hoods

Q. What is a good CFM rating for a range hood?

To power your range hood, you need at least 100 CFM for every 10,000 BTUs of your stovetop. For example, a 100,000 BTU stove needs at least a 1000 CFM range hood. For electric stoves, multiply the stove width by 10. So, for a 42” electric stove you want a range hood with at least 420 CFM.

Q.  What are the three types of ventilation hoods?

All ventilation hoods fall into one of three main categories:

  • Downdraft.
  • Updraft wall mount.
  • Updraft island mount.

Q.  How much CFM do I need?

To calculate the CFM for a gas stove, add the BTU ratings for all burners. Typically, 5,000 to 15,000 per burner is common, and a standard-size four-burner stove will be about 40,000 BTU total. Divide your total by 100 to figure out the CFM you need.

Final Thoughts

As the device that removes aromas and smoke from your kitchen while cooking, there are several range hood brand alternatives. Who doesn’t desire a nice area to cook, dine, and socialize? When remodeling a kitchen, it doesn’t hurt to incorporate a new range hood.

A properly operating and efficient range hood will help it keep clean or convert a smoky kitchen into a clean, pleasant place.

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