The 5 Best Stainless Steel Grills for 2022

Grilling is just about the greatest way to cook food. And just about the greatest material to build them out of is stainless steel.


In the neighborhood, you’re known for your grill game. You’re the rib-master, the steak king or the burger boss. When you’ve earned the title of grill master, you want a grill to suit your skills.

Nothing beats the appear sense and sturdiness of a stainless metallic gas grill. It is what I use (a Weber) and I have had my grill for over 5 years and with a little bit of elbow grease each spring it looks proper as new.

When it additionally appears amazing, I am cozy it makes the whole lot that comes off the grill style better. I haven’t done a blind style tester, but you get the point. Stainless metal = quality.


1/ Weber Summit S-670 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Best Stainless Steel Grills
Best Stainless Steel Grills

The Weber Summit 7470001 S-670 Natural-Gas Grill is a beauty. You can’t deny it’s top seems and really, who doesn’t decide on a killer piece of eye-candy shining on their patio?

You also be aware of the identify Weber as being synonymous with exceptional and durability. The business enterprise is identified for designing some of the awesome fuel grills in the market across a variety of fee points.

With six stainless metallic burners, inclusive of a component burner, sear station burner, smoker burner, and rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner, you can cook dinner almost something you would ever wish to consume all in one massive unit. It offers a complete of 838 rectangular inches and 60,600 BTUs for an effective experience.

It moreover comes with Weber’s frequent flavorer bars for capturing the fragrant juices of the meat and two stainless steel workspaces.

The Summit’s body is surprisingly made up of stainless steel, so it’s specifically durable. This grill moreover boasts a man or lady ignition system for each separate burner, so you do no longer have to mild the complete element just to cook dinner one or two small items. You can additionally regulate the temperature of each burner to go well with some issue you’re grilling, whether or now not it’s salmon or a New York strip.

You can each get the Summit as a propane fuel grill model or hook it up to your domestic and run it on herbal fuel – it additionally ranks as one of our options for the pleasant natural gasoline grills.

While the Weber may empty out your pockets a little higher definitely than some of the other grills on the market, its sturdiness is a return on the investment.

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2/ Lion Premium Grills L75623 32″ Natural Gas Grill



When it comes to stainless steel grills, the Lion 32 inch is the king of that jungle. It is large, shiny, fine and COMMERCIAL grade. You purchase this and you’re now no longer messing around.

It has to be said, this grill is legit PRETTY, I’d almost hate to put it out in my outdoor to climate the elements. Almost. Lion makes specialist grade merchandise and this grill is designed to face up to some factor the out of doors life has in store.

So what can you expect in phrases of specs? For starters, you’re going to see 647 rectangular inches of predominant cooking space. All that place is backed with the resource of 60,000 BTUs of power over four burners plus an additional infrared rotisserie once more burner packing 15,000 BTUs on its own. Five Quick Lite valves make sure a fast commence with accessible knob operation.

Lion additionally gives you a double-layer, seamlessly welded stainless steel grill head for most durability, alongside with four strong iron burners, robust stainless metal cooking grates, and a more giant temperature gauge hooked up the front and center.

You’re additionally going to revel in all the bells and whistles you want to expect at this rate factor in an industrial-grade grill. We especially like the rotisserie and blanketed smoker box, on the other hand, you’re additionally going to see a blanketed griddle for versatility in cooking every normal meat dishes and sides, and a griddle remover WITH a blanketed bottle opener. That is what we call winning, folks.

This grill also comes with a remarkable quantity of storage in the lower cart area, tidily hid with the resource of two stainless metal doors. Included in the underneath storage area room for your propane tank and a built-in paper towel holder.

Extra features sincerely really worth noting embody two indoors lights for night grilling, chrome trimmings on knobs and handles and towel racks on each side shelves, designed to provide extra area for any tools and ingredients prep you may prefer to do.

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3/ Weber Genesis II S-335 3-Burner

This three-burner from Weber is now not your common outdoor summertime grill. This is a pinnacle stage computing machine for a grill snob with the brilliant assemble and materials you remember on from the brand.

For a 3burner, it’s also noteworthy that it’s especially roomy, presenting 335 rectangular inches of indispensable cooking place with a more fold-away warming rack for toasting buns or maintaining veggies warmness whilst you quit up a few steaks. Solid stainless steel rod cooking grates cowl the space and furnish a consistent, even cooking surface.

The electricity on the S-335 is also staggering at 39000BTUs for the important burners plus an extra 12000 on that lidded infrared bonus aspect burner and 9,000 on the devoted sear station burner. The sear station burner is a great bonus and designed to supply quick, perfect sear marks on something meat you’re working with to send it off.

Like all of Weber’s grills, this one comes with their signature Flavorizer bars to vaporize drippings and infuse the aroma lower again into the meat, stainless metallic burner tubes for most useful gas waft from the lower back to front, and their new Infinity Ignition for consistent, speedy begin-ups.

Weber has additionally currently revamped its grease management machine for the GS4 line-up. Why does this matter? It’s surely clean up stuff right? Nope, grease management things because unsuitable dealing with can purpose flare-ups, which will scorch your meat and grant uneven temps across your cooking surface.

Their new device funnels drippings that don’t provide up to up getting vaporized away into the disposable drip tray in the entice pan. To clean, you literally actually pull out the pan, cast off the tray, pop a new one in and done. It’s so handy to get entry to and disposal couldn’t be more hassle-free.

The overall development is just what you would count on from a Weber and this cost point: remarkable stainless steel designed to last many, many seasons. The fashionable hood is robust stainless as well as a lot of the front fascia. The stainless factor tables additionally grant hooks for equipment and the cabinet fashion provides enough storage down below.

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4/ Monument Grills Larger 4-Burner


Monument earned a spot in the top 3 for supplying a reasonably priced grill with a full-function listing and a fantastic extent of power, all bundled into an awesome stainless metallic package.

This 4 burner packs a serious punch. It is the most powerful grill in our top line up, with 72,000 BTUs for 4 burners and an extra thing burner. The complete prepare dinner location is 723 rectangular inches, with 513 main and 210 rectangular inches of magnificent warming rack.

The Monument is nicely made, with all stainless steel housing and blue LED knob lighting for cooking in the dark. It additionally affords pilotless one-button ignition for effortless start-ups, porcelain-coated forged iron cooking grates and a built-in thermometer for handy temperature monitoring. Stainless steel flame tamers keep even warmness delivery for regular cooking in the course of the entire cook surface.

It also offers a lot of prep space with 2 stainless metal side cabinets equipped with hooks for all your grill tools. The cart fashion base provides additional storage and continues the propane tank hidden from view.

Monument moreover provides you a built-in rotisserie package AND motor so you can get serious about your grill game and take things to the next level.

And my favorite characteristic of all? The clear view window-mounted suited into the lid so you can sincerely WATCH your meet cook dinner barring lifting it up every 2 minutes to poke and prod at whatever you’re grilling, dropping all that essential warmness retention.

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5/ Napoleon LEX605RSBINSS Natural Gas

This is a herbal gas alternative from Napoleon and a lovely stainless metal desire if you’re looking out for a first-class build and high-level grilling experience.

With the Napoleon, you can expect a large grilling space, coming in at 920 rectangular inches of predominant cooking area, with stainless metal wave cooking grids, 6 burners, a loopy 90,500 BTUs of power, a ceramic infrared backside and rear burner, a very issue burner, a fast opening Jetfire ignition system, lighted manage knobs,

Some exciting factors we particularly like that you don’t see on most other grills are a built-in ice bucket and a reducing board for easy, rapid meal prep while you’re grilling.

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Final Thought

Stainless steel ovens like the Victory 3-burner are a great choice for those who want a grill that’s durable and easy to clean.

If you’re looking for the best stainless steel grill on the market, check out some of our top picks above. These grills are of high quality and come with a wide range of accessories.

Once you’ve found the right one for you, follow our tips to keep your grill in good condition and it will last for years to come!

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