Do I need a centrifuge juicer or slow juicer?

Many people choose to make their own juices at home. Centrifugal juicer vs slow juicer but which device is the best. Naija Food tested it with the winner of today's best sample juicer test.

More and more people are choosing to make their own juice at home. But the question comes up, which device is probably the best. Naija food the rapy has examined in our comparison of the juicer test winner the best current models. Should you choose the centrifugal juicer or the slow juicer?

We do not want to deny anyone this decision but want to list below what the differences between the two devices are. We also list all the pros and cons so buyers can get an even better picture of the Slow Juicer and a Centrifuge Juicer. Thus, the purchase decision should be made quickly.

The centrifugal juicer

The centrifugal juicer is the best-selling juicer. This is mainly because this device is very inexpensive and can be found in almost all department stores and online shops. With this juicer fruits and Vegetables are first crushed with knives, the container rotates around itself. The centrifugal juicer reaches up to 15,000 revolutions per minute, which is not slow.

It's also called the centrifugal force, which then squeezes the juice from the chopped pieces. The pomace, so the remains of fruits and vegetables arrive in a designated container, which should be emptied immediately.

The advantages of the centrifugal juicer

  • The high rotation speed juices fruits and vegetables very fast
  • With the centrifugal juicer fruit and vegetables can be processed quickly

The disadvantages of centrifugal juicers

  • The juice yield is not as high as with other devices
  • Valuable vitamins are destroyed by the heat
  • The knives need to be replaced quickly, the sharpness decreases
  • Grasses, herbs and leafy vegetables can not be processed

The slow juicer

The Vertical Slow Juicer is perfect for users who value vital substances, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. The Slow Juicer has a large hopper to offer. With press screws, the food is pressed and pressed through a sieve.

The preparation is very gentle. The rotational speed is very slow compared to the centrifugal juicer with up to 1,400 revolutions. Products with press rollers can even turn at 80 pm. By a slow speed, the vitamins and minerals are preserved. This creates a very healthy juice.

The Slow Juicer can often be used as a kitchen appliance to make ice cream, pasta and more. Leafy vegetables, herbs, and grasses can be processed by the device.

The benefits of slow juicers

  • The handling is very easy
  • The juice quality is perfect
  • The device works very quietly
  • Soft and hard fruits and vegetables can be processed

The disadvantages of slow juicers

  • The pressing process takes longer
  • The device is more expensive but offers a vitamin-rich juice

What health benefits do both devices offer in comparison?

Slow juicer or centrifugal juicer

Slow Juicer works better when it comes to less oxidation. You also gain more fiber through it. The Slow Juicer is more nutrient-rich for the juices. The juice yield is much higher with the Slow Juicer. If you buy a slow juicer with a self-cleaning function, it is also easy to clean. The centrifugal juicer works faster, looks very good and is easy to clean even without a self-cleaning function. The juice of both devices is edible for up to 48 hours if left cold.

Are there alternatives to these two devices?

Yes of course. You could also use the good old juicer for yourself. Of course, this works only with a lot of own power but is still the cheapest way to conjure juices. The mixer is also an alternative to these devices. The blender offers the opportunity to process other foods as well. The mixer destroys many vitamins because it is also quite warm.

But because he works fast, the loss is limited. Even better would be the high-performance mixer. Here you have a true miracle device, which is also very expensive. With this device, soup can be prepared, high-quality and above all very creamy smoothies and more. There is something for every taste and, above all, for every budget.

Where to buy your juicer best?

Ultimately, you have to decide this for yourself. There are only a few ways to make a better purchase decision. In shops, it is often the case that temporary workers have been employed because they are cheaper. For the customer, this is a disadvantage, because these employees do not really understand much of all the products that are offered in the store. The good advice is thus not always given. Although not on the Internet, there is enough information about all products. Whether you want to buy the centrifugal juicer or the slow juicer.

Not to mention that you can shop around the clock on the Internet. Many of us are very stressed today. Thus one has neither desire nor time to run through umpteen shops. This again ensures that you usually buy the first juicer and later angry about it. Thanks to the Internet, you can keep yourself well informed, take a look at all the products, filter out a product for a good price and then have the juicer delivered to your home.

In addition to the information on the Internet, there is also the opportunity to read customer reviews. In the shops, you can find no former buyers and ask them what they have to say to the juicer or juicer. On the Internet, former buyers can tell their opinions on a wide variety of sites and are happy to do so. The potential buyer does not just have to rely on advertising or product information. No, he can read what the former buyers find good or bad about their juicer. So it is easy to get a good picture and to choose a juicer.

So what's better?

Basically, both devices do what they should. The centrifugal juicer works faster and thus provides the drink faster. But as the device warms up at the fast turn per minute, many important vitamins and nutrients are destroyed in advance. This does not happen with the Slow Juicer, but the device is very slow for that. Also with this juicer, the fruits and vegetables must be cut in advance, because otherwise, it does not fit into the opening.

The centrifuge juicer is easier to clean, while some slow juicers can also provide a self-cleaning function when you're ready to pay more for it. So you have to weigh which device brings the best benefits for you.

Anyone who thinks and weighs upon purchase, will not regret his purchase so quickly. It's just that one often buys things too fast that one does not like later. With the centrifugal juicer or with the slow juicer one should proceed in such a way under no circumstances. These are devices that you do not want to exchange every week.

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