Enjoy knife block, professional knife set, stainless

Since some knives were removed at the last sorting out the stock should be increased again. For this purpose, a more elegant but not too costly solution should be found. On the set, I came across because of the low price in connection with the good reviews.

Pure from the optics and composition I liked it well, which is why I ordered it directly. The set arrived quickly and safely packed. The knives set were all individually packed and thus protected. All knives were very sharp and had no dirt or residue. In everyday life, the knives prove to be very useful, even in the dishwasher they can be cleaned.

The knives and the knife block test are all individually packed upon delivery and should, therefore, arrive without any transport damage. For me, the condition was definitely 1a.

The set consists of all the knives you need:

  • a chef’s knife
  • a long flesh cutter
  • a utility knife
  • a Santoku knife
  • a bread knife
  • a peeling knife
  • a Geflügelschere
  • a sharpening steel

The knives are really sharp and I did not have to grind after 2 days. Although I can say nothing about the long-term use, think if you grind the knife regularly and treated carefully should not change the sharpness. This, of course, means that you only wash the knife by hand and this is not in the dishwasher! For the offer price that is truly a great offer!

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