How to Restore and Fix a Sagging Memory Foam Mattress

In this article, you will certainly discover a few tips on exactly How To Fix A Sagging Memory Foam Mattress which is offering you sleep deprived evenings.

How To Fix A Sagging Memory Foam Mattress

In this post, you are most likely to learn more regarding what to do when it takes place to you. I utilized some of the products which I have discussed to fix my drooping cushion, et cetera are feasible techniques I researched when I was trying to fix this issue.

In this article, you will certainly discover a few tips on exactly How To Fix A Sagging Memory Foam Mattress which is offering you sleep deprived evenings. However, before we get to these ideas, allow's consider some of the prospective causes that result in your drooping bed mattress?

Causes Of Saggy Mattresses

A few of the reasons your memory foam mattress is sagging could be due to:

  • Frequent use
  • Placing the cushion on an uneven surface
  • When the internal element breaks down due to the aging of the foam
  • High moisture material
  • Insufficient care

Prevent the Sagging of a Memory Foam Mattress

If you wish to look after a sagging bed mattress, you will require to care for it right from the time you buy it. You will need to prevent fluid and dampness, splashes by covering it with a water-proof guard.

Regularly, you will need to turn it on its sides to ensure that you prevent direct sunlight. When it concerns washing, you will certainly require to prevent frequent washing.

Deal with the Sagging of a Memory Foam Mattress

Points you could require to make use of in fixing the memory foam cushion consist of:

  • A company pillow
  • Bed mattress topper or pad - click to see a well-valued alternative on
  • Piece of plywood
  • Bed mattress Assistant - Here is the only choice I believe really works

The steps (throughout) you might require to use in repairing the memory foam bed mattress are:

Put The Bed Mattress On The Floor

  • This step ought to be straight-forward.

Putt A Cushion Beneath The Sagging Area

If your mattress has a clinical depression in the middle, you will just need to choose some soft fiber-filled pillows. Making use of small ones is perfect since you will be able to place them in particular areas. All you will need to do is to put the pillows below the saggy areas and this will make you rest easy on a surface which is even.

Use A Bed Mattress Topper Or Pad

If you are opting for a mattress topper or pad, see to it you buy it from a shop that allows a reimbursement in case it doesn't help you.

I can suggest the 3-inch mattress toppers from Linenspa - these are available on Amazon (see link), and also are a little costly yet worth every cent.

For a budget plan alternative, just go with the 2-inch Linenspa topper, it's a bit thinner and also will supply much less assistance, yet if your cushion hasn't drooped too much this should suffice.

For these mattress toppers, you have every major bed dimension available, simply remember to pick the right one prior to checkout.

In my case, I used a fiber bed and also it worked comfortably for me. You could additionally attempt the plume bed, yet if neither of the two works for you, after that you need to encounter the reality that, your mattress is not suitable for your demands and also you require to replace it asap.

The job of the topper or pad is to minimize or at least decrease the amount of heat that is able to get to the memory foam which can firm up the memory foam or slow down just how promptly it comes to be softer over the course of the evening. This will certainly rely on the temperature sensitivity and also the specifics of the memory foam.

Plywood Or Cardboard Substitute For A Weak Foundation

Making the bed mattress comfortable after it comes to be awkward, you will need to make use of cardboard or plywood under your cushion. Take a look at if it is in a good condition or has pressings which can make the mattress uncomfortable. You will certainly need to put another plywood beneath the bed mattress or totally change the one which was there formerly.

You can try placing the cushion on the floor to find out if the foundation might be bending and also the reason for the droopy nature of your cushion. If the issue is then fixed, you can change the foundation with one that does not flex or you might add a sheet of plywood which could make it extra comfortable than it presently is. If after placing it on the flooring the trouble is not sorted out, then your bed mattress could be the issue and hence could be seeking a substitute.

Making Use Of A Cushion Assistant

If you are interested, then you can attempt a mattress assistant which is a little bit pricey yet will definitely function. I advise this choice if your sagging is serious or your mattress is just too soft.

You will certainly require to place the bed mattress assistant straight below the area where the mattress is sagging.

When it pertains to item option, there is excellent and also trouble: The trouble is that there are not a lot of mattress assistants who are work as promised. The good news is that this streamlines your purchasing experience.

From my research, I can only suggest this Mattress Assistant (click the web link to see the rate on Amazon) and bear in mind to choose the ideal dimension as well as to get the full version NOT the extension.


Due to the fact that you are the only one that recognizes exactly how you feel to the mattress you are currently using, you will certainly be the one that understands which one of the above ideas would certainly be able to benefit you. The above will certainly allow you to save money which you could have made use of to acquire a replacement for the bed mattress.

There will certainly be more to conserve by simply repairing your old bed mattress, utilizing the above-suggested tactics. What I have actually given up there are some approaches that I have used or several of my friends have actually taken into use as well as I make sure it will certainly offer you the most effective results. I hope it will certainly be handy to you and you will certainly apply them to prevent our drooping cushions to make it give you a comfy sleep.

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