How to make Cherry-orgeat Smoothie Recipe for babies with smoothie maker

How to make cherry orgeat smoothie recipe for babies with smoothie maker. You can replace cherries with mixed fruits of your choice. Feel free to create different original recipes like cucumber and tomato smoothies.

Ingredients for 2 people

  • Twenty cherries
  • 1 tablespoon of orgeat syrup
  • 20 cl of Lactel Eveil

Steps to make a smoothie

  1.  Clean your cherries, wipe them and then stone them.
  2.  Now equip a blender, place your pitted cherries, Lactel Awakening milk and the orgeat syrup.
  3. Serve immediately to keep the sparkling wine from your preparation.

Chef's tips:

  • We advise you to use very fresh milk for the preparation of your cherry and orgeat smoothie.

  • You will be able to accompany your smoothie cherry and orgeat of a part of pie, cake or clafoutis.

  • Feel free to add some honey to your cherry and orgeat smoothie to enhance the taste.

  • Smoothies are drinks full of flavor and will allow you to fill up with vitamins. Do not hesitate to abuse, fruits are very good for your health!

  • You can make various smoothie recipes such as strawberry smoothies, banana smoothies, kiwi, cucumber, pineapple smoothies to treat all your guests during a cocktail.

  • This cherry smoothie can be enjoyed at tea time or at breakfast.

The variants:

You can replace the cherries with the mixed fruits of your choice. Feel free to create various original recipes such as a cucumber and tomato smoothie.

In order to vary the pleasures and stay in the sweet world, you can try the experience with the creation of a delicious strawberry smoothie, banana smoothie, red fruit smoothie, apple smoothie, pineapple smoothie apricot … Give free rein to your imagination! All fruits can be mixed to make delicious smoothies.

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