Zwilling Professional S knife block, black, 7-piece

The Zwilling Professional S Knife Block Test, a product of the well-known kitchen utensils and knife manufacturer Gemini from the Blade Solingen, is an elegant, classic model made of bamboo wood.

In our knife block test, we present a high-quality product for the kitchen a little more detailed and illuminate all strengths and weaknesses. You get the 7-piece bamboo knife block by Gemini with 4 knives, sharpening steel and multi-purpose scissors for very good € 104.17 incl.

•             Friodur blade, ice-hardened

•             Stainless special steel, twin special melt

•             Sigmaforge knives – forged from one piece

•             Seamless transition from goiter to handle

•             Scope of delivery: Professional S knife block 7 pcs.

Material and processing of twin knife block

The knife block from Zwilling presents itself in a timeless and classic design with a user-friendly, practical arrangement of included kitchen knives. Not only in professional kitchens of this block form has proven itself, but also many private households appreciate the good handling. In the middle of the center under the use for the multipurpose scissors is the typical twin logo.

Another plus is the weight of 2.6 kilograms. The knife-block test showed that the block of twins has a secure and firm grip even on smooth surfaces. The rubberized feet also attach to the underside of the knife block. By the way, these are kept in black and are thus natheless in the noble overall picture (see picture).

The inserts for the knives are aligned horizontally and are gentler on the blades than vertical alignment. In addition, widen the openings at the bottom of the knife block to allow dust and debris to just fall down. The bamboo wood used in the light rod look looks very natural. It is known to be extremely durable and long-lasting. In addition, it has an antibacterial effect, so it also has very good hygienic properties.

Equipment and use of cutting tools

The Zwilling Professional S knife block is equipped with a chef’s knife (20 cm), a universal knife (13 cm), a knife (10 cm), a bread knife (20 cm), scissors (knife 20 cm) and sharpening steel (230 mm).

The included chopping and decorating knife have a smooth blade. So it is predestined for cleaning, cutting and vegetable drape. But it can also be used as a meat knife, for example, for the picking and preparation of different types of meat.

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