Are Smoothies Good for You?

What is a smoothie. Can add ice or yogurt. The term is derived from the English word "Smooth", meaning "unnecessary". The difference between a juice and a smoothie.

It is a preparation that is based on mixed fruits and vegetables, to which you can add ice cubes or yogurt. The term comes from the English word "smooth", which means "unctuous". Only, what is the difference between fruit juice and smoothie? What device does it take to make smoothies?

We will answer all these questions!


A blender smoothie is made by grinding foods with high-speed blades.

Fruit juice will result from a pressing of food with a separation of the pulp and the juice. The smoothie comes from a mix of fruits or Best Vegetables To Juice. Its creamy texture differentiates it from fruit juice because the fibers of the food are mixed with the juice. Fruit juice made with an extractor will separate the pulp from the juice.

To compose your smoothie, you have to choose either fruit or vegetables. You can also add ice cubes, yogurt, or milk or honey, depending on the texture you want.


A. Difference in composition

The difference between a smoothie and a juice will first of all be at the level of the food choices that you can introduce. Indeed, it will be possible for example to make smoothies with ingredients having a low container of juice, such as banana or avocado for example! A fruit and / or vegetable juice can only be made from non-dry ingredients and rich in juice.

B. Difference in contributions

The difference between fruit juice and smoothie is also in the fiber content of these preparations. The extraction of a fruit separates the juice from the pulp, whereas a smoothie results from a mixture of the pulp and the juice. You have a much higher fiber intake, which allows you to take advantage of certain nutrients.

C. Difference in effects

In addition, the juice can keep its vitamins and enzymes for 12 hours, the fiber is gone, your juice will be much more sensitive to temperature variations, brightness, etc.

The smoothie is by nature thicker than the juice, you will have a feeling of satiety much more important than with a juice. Fiber is indeed an important nutrient supply!

If the smoothies are higher in fiber, they will still be more difficult to digest. Indeed, the work of digestion of the body consists of separating minerals, nutrients, and other enzymes from the fibers. It is a process that requires a lot of energy.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices concentrate vitamins and nutrients because they come from cold pressing, while smoothies mix juice and fiber, and are mixed at high speed. Vitamins and nutrients are sensitive to the phenomenon of heating, they will tend to disappear.

What device does it take to make smoothies?

The blender is an effective device for making smoothies. This one mixes fine food at high speed. As we said, the fiber is mixed with the juice, and you get a thicker texture.


A. The compact Blender, for individual and fast smoothies

The Tribest Personal Blender is a handy smoothie machine. With cups of various sizes, you can easily transport your different preparations where you want, and store them without difficulty! The device benefits from BPA-free plastic cups, as well as glass cups that guarantee healthy preparations.

The Tribest blender is a device to make smoothies quickly and easily, you just need to introduce your different fruits and vegetables in the cup of your choice, to choose the block-blade, to put all on the block engine, your smoothie is ready in seconds. Thanks to the cups equipped with hermetic lids, take it wherever you want!

The Tribest Personal Blender is available in 5 sizes depending on the number of cups (glass or plastic without BPA) that accompany the base of the Blender (which is always the same):

  • 2 300ml plastic cups for the PB150
  • 4 plastic cups (2 of 150 ml and 2 of 300 ml) for the PB 250
  • 6 plastic cups (2 of 150 ml, 2 of 300 ml and 2 of 450 ml) for the PB 250 XL
  • 2 plastic cups (150 ml and 300 ml) and 4 glass tumblers (100 ml, 200 ml, 300 ml, and 450 ml) for the PB 350
  • 4 plastic cups (150 ml, 300 ml and 2 of 450 ml) and 4 glass tumblers (100 ml, 200 ml, 300 ml, and 450 ml) for the PB 350 XL

B. The high-performance Blender for smoothies to share

The blender Lacor is a family blender to make smoothies with a bowl of a capacity of 2 liters!

This smoothie machine is powerful (thanks to a 950-watt motor), and can go up to 38,000 rpm, allowing efficient mixing of your different foods.

The 2-liter bowl is guaranteed without Bisphenol A, so you do not have to worry about the presence of BPA in your preparations.

Thanks to the large bowl provided with the device, you can make smoothies in large quantities for the whole family.

The Blender Lacor offers excellent value for money and very simple handling with 3 speeds and mixing and 3 pre-programmed mixing times. It is also equipped with the pulse function which, at the push of a button, allows you briefly to increase the mixing speed.

The KitchenAid Artisan SuperBlender is one of the most powerful devices in its class. It is equipped with a motor of 1800 watts, and a block of 4 asymmetrical blades with a thickness of 3 mm, to ensure efficient mixing of your various foods. Its 1.6-liter double-walled bowl is guaranteed BPA free.

The KitchenAid blender has an engine block and casts metal controls. This gives it great stability and simplicity of cleaning. It is possible to select from 11-speed levels, which you can adjust according to the type of preparation you want to perform.

The four pre-recorded programs allow you to prepare your favorite recipes in the blink of an eye!

The great power of the SuperBlender KitchenAid allows you to mix all types of ingredients without difficulty! It's manufacturing " Made in the USA " guarantees robustness and great reliability to the device!

The blender Nutrimix Jupiter is a high-end device, and powerful, which is equipped with a motor 2 CV. The mixer has a touch control panel, which allows you to select from 10 power levels, up to 32,000 rpm. The Jupiter Smoothie Machine combines a high-power (1400-watt) motor with a stainless-steel 6-blade block, a food-neutral material that ensures efficient mixing of your food.

The Nutrimix even has programs with pre-recorded settings, to make your favorite preparations in a few moments!

The Jupiter blender has a 1.5-liter bowl, guaranteed BPA free, allowing you to make your preparations in large quantities, in a completely healthy way!

The smoothies machines are very practical, and you will be able to realize in a few moments of delicious preparations.

C. Some juice extractors also make smoothies!

The juice extractors and the centrifuges (feel free to check out our guide to make the difference between a juicer and a centrifuge ) also used to make smoothies without a mixer.

The juice extractor is a device that grinds food gently with a worm that presses food against a sieve.

Some vertical models are indeed equipped with a sieve with large holes, allowing more fiber from your different foods. You will not have the same rendering with a blender. Indeed, a smoothie results from a mixture at high speed between the fibers and the juice of food. You get a creamy preparation, and quite thick.

A smoothie made with a juice extractor is obtained through a sieve with large holes. The extractor rotating at low speed, you will get a thick juice, with more pulp, compared to a real smoothie obtained by an emulsion.

The Omega MMV702 vertical juice extractor and the Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Biochef are equipped with a complete kit for smoothies and sorbets.

The Kuvings B9700 and D9900 Juice Extractors can also be supplemented with an additional kit for the preparation of smoothies and sorbets!

VSJ843 or VRT402 Vertical Omega Extractors, Artisan KitchenAid Juice Extractor, Jupiter Juicepresso Plus are equipped with a coarse sieve for smoothies.

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